Oh man, where to start? Here’s a brief timeline of who I am:

1982- Born in Appomattox, VA. I have two older siblings and three younger ones.

2000- Joined the Army Reserves.

2003- Deployment to Iraq.

2005- Earned my Associate in Arts and Sciences degree from Central Virginia Community College.

2006- Was saved by God, soli gratia.

2007- Earned my Bachelor of Science degree from Radford University, having studied psychology and criminal justice.

2007- Married the most wonderful woman in the world.

2008- Left the Army Reserve as a Staff Sergeant. Hooah!

2008- Earned my Master of Ministry degree from Temple Baptist Seminary.

2008- Moved from Chattanooga to Lynchburg to study at Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.

2009- Moved to Connersville to become the Student Pastor at Connersville Baptist Temple. Also transferred my Liberty credits to TBS.

2009- God gave my wife and I a beautiful son.

2010- Earned my Master of Arts in Biblical Languages from Temple Baptist Seminary

2011- Entered the blogosphere, was graced with a beautiful baby daughter.

2012- Currently transitioning from student pastor to church planter!

  1. Sweet. I love blogging.

  2. vendlerius says:

    My wife and I are expecting our third in December

  3. Joseph says:

    Great to know some things about you bro…Be blessed…

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