James One: Means to an End

Posted: October 20, 2012 in James

Lately I’ve spent a bit of thinking thinking about God, salvation, and sanctification. For years I have loosely wondered, “Why doesn’t God just call those whom He has saved straight into Heaven? Why leave us here, fallen-yet-redeemed, as Luther said, ‘Simul iustus et ,’ that is, ‘at the same time righteous and a sinner’?”

A surface-level answer is simply because our life here on earth is used to glorify God. A deeper answer is because the sanctifying process glorifies God…and deeper than that is the answer that God brings glory to Himself through the believer as He actively works intimately in the lives of His children in absolutely every detail to bring them to a deeper awareness of His person and grace, which in turn produces within us the worship and attitude needed to become increasingly more Christ like as our outward flesh catches up to the new man within.

James hits on that idea. He says, “Be glad when you encounter trails, because it means that God is at work and at its end you will have even more faith, more trust in God. Ask God for wisdom- He’ll give it to you! Your trials will result in rewards- keep pushing. Every good and perfect gift comes from God- rejoice that you are His child! Put away anger and wickedness- they’re time wasters. Instead, read and obey the Word of God- it’ll be a blessing. Help those who need it, remain different from your culture.”

These are all pieces of the process. How much easier it is to look at life from God’s point of view. Sometimes I’m staggered by my own stupidity and stubbornness….also part of the process!

  1. Douglas Keller says:

    Richard you are right on. God has left us here to do His work. Telling others about Jesus, so that they can experience eternal life in Heaven, and that those whom we tell, will tell others, and so on……Oh, and thanks for throwing that “Luther Latin” in there. That was Latin was it not.

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