Psalm Ten: Unwavering Faith

Posted: September 24, 2012 in Interlude (Psalms)

I couldn’t help but to feel bad for the psalmist in this chapter. You can hear the “why?” that’s resonating through his soul as he looks around him and sees the wicked prospering, the righteous suffering. You can hear the confusion and fear in the opening verse as he says “Yahweh, why do you stand far away? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?”

He’s certainly not referring to God having times of trouble. Rather he’s referencing his own troubles and God’s conspicuous absence in the midst of it. He also invokes the name “Yahweh,” the revered and personal name of God that communicates His covenant faithfulness…and yet the Psalmist isn’t seeing it. In fact, for the next twelve verses he lists his observations that seem to indicate that God isn’t there. They’re legit, too. God’s people have always been oppressed in one form or another.

I think sometimes we’re all guilty of questioning God’s presence. I mean, sure- we know intellectually that God is everywhere…yet sometimes it seems as though He is a million miles away. But He’s not. And once the writer finishes venting his frustrations, we see him confessing that God indeed sees all of these things. He knows that God will take action against his enemies. He knows that God hears His people, that justice will reign. Eventually.

And so what it boils down to is this: when life is at its darkest, when it seems as though God has left, that His love and presence are gone…how will you respond? Will you quickly glance around, note your surroundings, and live in the fear and uncertainty that God isn’t there, or will you remind yourself of God’s covenant promise to never leave or forsake His children? God never promised us a bed of roses. He never promised that we wouldn’t see storms. He never promised that we would feel His presence in an increasingly powerful way. But He does promise to love us, to protect us, to guide us. He does promise that one day, in His own timing, He will right all the wrongs and fix everything. Let’s trust Him, not our feelings.


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