The Final Month: Days Thirty and Thirty-One

Posted: August 1, 2012 in The Final Month

I don’t even know where to begin on this final post of this final month. I apologize for failing to write last night, but the opportunity didn’t present itself very well while in transit. As I’m sitting here now writing this, I’m in the eating area of the kitchen inside my new townhouse, trying to wrap my mind around the events of the last few days, months, years. I’m emotionally shot right now, so pardon me if I ramble a bit.

Yesterday was a day filled with packing and loading. So many of my friends showed up to help us move- I can’t thank you enough for that. To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t prepared to move and as a result we didn’t even finish until something after seven yesterday evening. While we were partly stalled because of some issues with Hunter’s RV (we were using this as a second means of transport), the reality is that our house was a mess. In fact, when we left there were over a half-dozen of my church friends who stayed behind to put the finishing touches on the cleaning.

Sigh…pulling out of Alta Lane hurt so bad. Not because I was leaving my job, not because I was leaving Indiana, not because of the uncertainties in the future…but because I was leaving behind my family. I’ve spent the last year preparing myself for a move, and I’ve spent the last two months putting walls up, trying to hide from the discomfort of caring about the people I was leaving, trying to mentally disconnect so it wouldn’t hurt as bad.

Didn’t work so well.

Still doesn’t.

What I would give for all of my students, youth leaders, and CBT family to know how much I love them all. Yesterday was by far one of the toughest days I’ve ever endured, despite my ever growing excitement to be part of what God is doing in Crozet, Virginia. As I was driving down the road with tears streaming down my face, my prayer for those I was leaving was simply this: “Father, please don’t let them be mad at you.” Transitions are hard. People get hurt. It stinks.

Stayed in a motel last night, but was unable to shower ’cause someone loaded the dryer into the moving truck with all our unpacked and freshly washed clothes inside. 🙂 We hit the road this morning, drove all day, and finally rolled into town where I was met by Walt and a large number of Life Journey friends who then proceeded to unload all of our stuff. There was so much love on both sides of the move. In the middle, for that matter- I found out that an old friend of mine is joining our support network!

Speaking of support, I did not (yet) make it to 100%. If all goes well with the SBCV, I will have somewhere in the area of 73% raised. I’m still in dialogue with five churches about this, and Walt is also raising support on my behalf. Please continue to pray that God will allow me to reach 100% by the end of August!

Well guys, I appreciate all the reads this month. Interesting enough, of the last 14 months of blogging, almost 1/3 of all my views have been during this Final Month thing. I hope you continue to read, ’cause I plan to continue writing. Perhaps not every day, perhaps not as focused or concise. But I’ll be writing- count on that.

In the meantime, please continue to pray for my family and for Connersville Baptist Temple in their time of transition. Also pray that God will continue to pour out His Spirit among us and use Life Journey Church to glorify Him as we seek to spread His fame in Crozet, Virginia, and around the world!


  1. momma Pam says:

    It’s time to come home now. (Just kidding—sort of.) We miss you and love you bunches.

  2. Your mama says:

    Just letting you know that I miss your blogs updating us on everything. It almost feels like you led us up to the move and then dumped us. Missing your blogs; I’m just saying.

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