The Final Month: Day Twenty-Nine

Posted: July 30, 2012 in The Final Month, Uncategorized

What a day. As perhaps could be expected, it was a good but rough one. There was a sadness when I was finished with Sunday School this morning, knowing that I had just taught my students for the last time. After church this morning Pastor Tim decided to treat the fam to lunch, but as God would have it, someone else paid for all of our lunches! The afternoon was spent packing the rest of my office, cleaning up the youth room some, and doing some office chores. After that I met with the ordination council who gave their approval to my ordaination to the Gospel ministry. Following the ordination service we had a farewell fellowship where we said way too many goodbyes and received way too many gifts. My church family here helped us greatly.

Sorry this is so short, but it’s almost 3 AM and I need to figure out whether or not I’m getting any sleep before the packing begins again. We’re getting the U-Haul in five hours or so…hard to believe it’s time.


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