The Final Month: Day Twenty-Eight

Posted: July 29, 2012 in The Final Month

Another day gone too fast to do anything about it. I’m sitting on the sofa, somewhat reclined, eating chex-mix and drinking a monster. There’s a hunting show on TV, but it’s not whitetail deer so my interest has waned. I’m listening to instrumental music from an obscure band known as “This Will Destroy You” (weird, I know) and watching the flashing on my computer screen that lets me know that Walt is currently putting the finishing touches on the morning’s sermon in Ephesians. Past midnight, and he’s still at work on this thing, paring it down to fit within the time constraints that come with meeting in the golf course club house. I find it pretty cool that it’s so late and he’s still poring over this thing, and I’m praying for him and for LJC. I’m praying for CBT and our various services tomorrow as well.

Everyone else is in bed. Hunter made it up alright with the RV and helped us to get a lot of boxes packed today. Gracelyn is sleeping in front of me and seems to be doing much better with her sinus infection. Uriah has a fever, but he’s sleeping at the moment. Pray that whatever is going on in his body will be resolved. I hate when the family’s sick. Sarai is doing better as well. We’re both pretty run down emotionally, though. Tomorrow will be no fun.

We were blessed again today financially as well as through other gifts. We’re starting to get a sense of the loss felt by so many people. It’s staggering- I truly had no idea that our moving was going to mess up so many people. Tonight was my last youth activity with my kids. We went to a close-by pond and enjoyed some fishing, volleyball, paintball, some hotdogs and 30 pounds of grilled chicken. Yessir. We’re good Baptists, lol. I think we surpassed fifty people, making it a pretty decent turnout. Periodically I would take a break from the grill and just survey the place, watching the pockets of teens interacting among themselves, playing games, and relaxing. Feeling something like a proud parent, I couldn’t watch for too long before it would again dawn on me that I’m leaving a wonderful youth group. The students are growing in their faith, the leaders are bonding with them…and there I am wondering what I should have and could have done differently over the last three years. I gotta resist that line of thinking. Too many shoulda-wouldas.

Did I mention that tomorrow is going to be rough? Pray for us and our church family.

  1. Bonnie Boyce says:

    I know Sunday will be difficult for all concerned. I have been and will continue to remember all of you in prayer. Give Hunter my regards.

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