The Final Month: Day Sixteen

Posted: July 17, 2012 in The Final Month

Sixteen days down now. Hard to believe I’m on the short side of this last month in Indiana. My support level hasn’t changed in a while, but every day is filled with new blessing or gracious reminders of past or ongoing blessings. Not that God is obligated to bless anyone, by the way. I just see that He has and is, and I want to share it with you, particularly during this chaotic time of transition.

Today I was blessed to see the dynamics of the Church in play as some forty students and adults spent the day at an amusement park. I was able to see those with money helping those without it be able to go and enjoy themselves. I was able to witness adults taking valuable time away from work to volunteer that time to serve as leaders for my students for the day. I was able to gratefully see people volunteer their time to babysit my kids all day so that Sarai and I could focus on our students. For that matter, our babysitter refused to accept any payment of any sort! And then to top that off, a friend of ours who was using Sarai’s car today cleaned it out really well and even put gas in it. It’s these displays of kindness that allow me to see Jesus increasingly exemplified by His Church.

I know this post is oddly short, but I am wiped. Please continue to pray that God will raise the support that we need in this move, and also pray that I can get done the crazy long laundry list that I’d like to tackle tomorrow.


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