The Final Month: Day Thirteen

Posted: July 14, 2012 in The Final Month

It’s the end of day thirteen, and the time is flying by ever so quickly. Though my support level remains unchanged, it’s still been a day of experiencing God’s blessings and answered prayer. As I’ve said before, as God’s child I’m constantly surrounded by blessings…it’s just that now my awareness of them is getting a little better. In no particular order, here are some specifics to what has happened today:

I was able to complete the camp video from our week of summer camp. This will be aired in our camp night service Sunday night. Now that it is complete, I’m free to spend the next day or so preparing for my sermon Sunday night. I was able to spend a couple hours today reading from God’s word, reflecting on the truths therein, and beginning to piece together a sermon outline. Tomorrow and Sunday I’ll hopefully finish it.

While talking to my landlord in Crozet about utility transference, he learned that we were planning to leave Indiana on Tuesday and then make some sort of overnight arrangements until the move-in time of 8:00 on Wednesday morning. I have to chuckle, because his words were “I’m not an ogre- you’re welcome to have access to the townhouse on Tuesday night.” This is awesome because not only will we have more help off-loading the truck, but now we’ll not need to sleep elsewhere.

I was also blessed through several venues tonight to enjoy some fellowship with my church family here in Connersville. A very sweet family that is dear to us invited us to dinner, and then they watched the kids during my church-league softball game. Sarai and I ended up staying for a couple hours after the game was over, talking to other friends of ours from church, and then we went back and hung out for a while at the house our kids were at. In all, it was a great evening to a hectic week. The familial aspect of the Christian life is indeed one awesome perk to being a child of God. I for one am thankful that we weren’t called to serve God in a vacuum.

I can’t think of anything specific to pray over concerning tomorrow, other than my sermon prep. I know we’ve still got a lot of packing and whatnot to get out of the way. Please continue to pray for my support level to increase, as well as for the rest of our on-going needs. Don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s any way I can pray for you as well. Oh- and thanks for the read!


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