The Final Month: Day Twelve

Posted: July 12, 2012 in The Final Month

Me and my kids have a unique relationship. They show me how bad of a dad I can be, and I think it’s great!

Ok, so maybe I need to flesh that out a little bit. It’s been my experience over the last several months that odd things happen when one presses into Christ and becomes increasing more reliant upon God. This whole “walking by faith” thing is not without its benefits, but probably the greatest benefit for me is that God reveals to me truths about who I am. He does this in my quiet time when I read His Word. He does this through my relationship with my wife…He also does this through my kids.

My boy reached a milestone today by not only going on his first fishing trip, but also catching his first fish! I was able to record it on my phone, but to be honest I kinda cringe when I watch the replay. See, Uriah is almost three, and he reels his little kid-pole like he’s three. I’m almost thirty, and for some stupid reason I’m expecting Uriah to catch this fish like I would. So I have to confess…I think I came across as a jerk out of frustration over him acting like…well, acting like a little boy.

I hate that I lost the chance to wholeheartedly enjoy my boy’s first fish, and the whole thing got me thinking about how God interacts with me and that I don’t think I’d much like it if God were the same kind of father to me as I am to my son. That’s when it dawned on me- what if part of the whole blessing of kids is in the epiphanies that come when, upon seeing our own failures, the goodness, love, and perfectness of our heavenly Father is more greatly displayed? What if it’s God’s grace that highlights my shortcomings so that I can better know and worship God who has no shortcomings? So yeah…I was blessed today in the midst of my own failure. Odd how that works.

I was also blessed at the dentist’s office. Though not all of my grill work was completed, and there’s still some uncertainty on the financial end of things, I am quite blessed in that my dentist gives clergy and family half off of all dental work. As I have no dental insurance, you could imagine how awesome that discount is! It’s a beautiful thing, seeing God work through His people like that.

Things are quiet on the support front, but yesterday I was able to confirm a speaking engagement next month where I can present the ministry of LJC before another church for potential support. I’m also currently continuing dialogue with four other churches- please pray that I can gain their support, and that God will in richly bless them in their service in His Kingdom.

Unless something is completely slipping my mind, I cannot think of any pressing requests for tomorrow. This itself is a blessing, as a quick perusal through my Facebook newsfeed reveals so many needs that my friends have, so many trial they’re experiencing. I do have quite a bit of work to get done, so I would appreciate prayer for that.

Ongoing prayer needs can be found here- please do pray over this list. God is sovereign, but He’s also chosen to work through means- one of which is the prayer of His people. Please lift us up daily.

Other posts about this final month can be found here.


Soli Deo Gloria


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