The Final Month: Day Ten

Posted: July 10, 2012 in The Final Month

Today was another one of those days that just leaves me shaking my head, stunned and speechless in amazement of who God is and how He works. Before I get into it, though, I have to share a humorous story that ties into it. Over the weekend my car was getting low in fuel, but I never got around to putting gas in it. This wound up working in my favor, ‘cause gas dropped pretty good on Monday.

So there I was thinking to myself on Monday, “Self, you did alright not putting gas in the car. Now it’ll be cheaper…Hey- that’s a blessing! You should include that in your blogging tonight!” But alas, I did not. And then yesterday my low fuel light never came on and I ran out of gas. There. I said it. I ran out of gas. Like, eighty yards from the gas pump. Eh. Serves me right. Shoulda shared the blessing, haha.

This morning I realized “Oops. I still didn’t give God credit for saving me money on fuel.” It also dawned on me that I really hadn’t spent much time in prayer this morning, especially in light of everything that was going on. How could I ask for your prayers and not contribute my own? While I was mentally chastising myself, I checked the mailbox and noticed a piece of personal mail with a familiar name on it- it was from the fella who had given me a hundred bucks at last week’s yard sale to help with the transition to Virginia. Within this envelope was a letter, and with the letter a check for several hundred dollars.

I was floored. Not just because of this man’s generosity. Not just because of the kindness of another Christian that doesn’t even attend my church. Not just because of the additional confirmation that God was leading me to Crozet to serve as an elder within Life Journey Church. No, I was shocked at the realization that God loves me. He enjoys loving me. He delights in me. He takes joy in being kind to me. And it will never, ever, ever be because I’ve somehow earned it. Never.

That was how my day started, and those were the things on my mind as we travelled today towards the hospital where my daughter Gracelyn was born last year. We needed a copy of her birth certificate, and I wanted to speak to the billing office about a substantial bill that had sprung up out of nowhere. This was the unspoken prayer request that I’ve mentioned the past couple nights.

George Muller helped to spread the fame of God by showing how faithful God was to meet needs not even publicized by Muller. Typically I have no qualms with making needs known, but I felt led to remain quiet about this one. Part of me thought “Yeah, but if I mention this legitimate need, perhaps God will stir hearts to help in this avenue.” The other part of me thought, “How awesome would it be if God took care of this without me having to mention the need?” So that’s why I said nothing.

My wish/prayer was that it was a billing glitch. I had left a voicemail last month trying to find out whether the bill was legit, but the hospital never called me back. Ironically (of course), the billing department called me today while on the way to the hospital. Unfortunately, it was a real bill. The reason it had taken so long to reach me was because of an insurance snag. But…the snag was fixed, the bill was sent, and there I was trying to work things out.

And then it hit me. The money that we brought in from the yard sale, plus the check that was in my mailbox this morning, equaled the dollar amount on this hospital bill that we have. To the dollar. Was actually 37 cents away from the total on the bill, but to the dollar! That is ridiculous. And I still can’t wrap my head around it. We’re still going to see if the hospital can deduct some of the bill from us, but still it’s amazing to see God at work in meeting our needs.

God wasn’t through showing off, though. I was able to gain a new supporter today (thank God!!), and someone who had already committed to supporting us received a very unexpected raise and therefore felt led to increase their own commitment to us- this bumped us from 42% all the way up to 53%! And then to top it all off, God allowed me and my son to go to the pool for free this evening.

Today I’ve spent very little time in prayer, and I’ve not yet even spent time in the Word. Yet still God has blessed me today in a huge way. I think the lesson learned in that is this: we’re not ever going to earn God’s blessings. We’re not going to manipulate Him into action. All we can do is let our needs be made known to God and humbly and faithfully ask Him for help. Every good gift comes from God, and God delights in giving them to us. Our response to this grace is worship, and all I want to do is show you all just how amazing God is. So thank you for your prayers.

One way you can pray for me tonight is for wisdom in selecting a children’s curriculum for LJC’s Journey Kids. Walt and I have to arrive at a decision soon, as grand opening is coming up quick.

  1. Bonnie Boyce says:

    Sometimes we are so busy looking for God in the big things that we lose sight of Him in the little things. Thanks for being willing to show us how God has blessed you in both the big and the little.

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