The Final Month: Day Eight

Posted: July 8, 2012 in The Final Month

So I was thinking…if you really want to boil it down, everything God does for us is a blessing. The opposite of that is cursing, which God will not do to His children; so to say that I’ve been blessed is a no-brainer. Being a Sunday, there was the definite blessing of being together with God’s people at church today. I got to teach/preach, which is always a joy.

Overall, today has been a day spent reflecting on current blessings rather than experiencing new ones. While this isn’t necessarily healthy for my support level, I’ve found it to be rather peaceful. God has graciously allowed me to experience a closer degree of fellowship over these last eight days, which I’m starting to think is a side bonus of spending extra time with Him. Let me elaborate a bit.

When I enter a period of fasting or concentrated prayer, these times serve as an eye opener for me. Not as God being my own personal genie. Not of my ability to cause things to happen by praying. No, the eye opener is in my own sinfulness in contrast to God’s holiness. I personally am never as in tune with my own fallen-ness than in these times where I press into God. And I don’t think He shows me this for the purpose of telling me “Hey- dude. I’m holy. You’re not. Leave me alone.” No…I think it’s more of a “Child, I love you despite your sin. Watch me work in your life even though you don’t deserve it. Watch me answer your prayers out of my perfect love for imperfect beings…” You see what I mean?

I’m thankful in this transition that God has allowed me to have a better grasp of His unconditional love for me. I’m thankful that as I’ve seen my own sin, I’ve seen even more of God’s grace.

Pressing needs for tomorrow are fairly simple. I’ve really got to prepare and send the rental lease to our renters. This entails missing a couple hours of sleep tonight to work on it; never the funnest of methods. There is another need that will hopefully be resolved by Tuesday. I’d rather not say right now what it is, but please pray hard about Tuesday’s outcome in this unspoken area. Lastly, a pastor friend of mine is meeting with his council today to determine whether or not to support us financially, so pray for God’s will to be clear in that area.

Here are our ongoing needs….and here are some more posts about this final month!

Soli Deo Gloria


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