The Final Month: Day Seven

Posted: July 7, 2012 in The Final Month

Today makes a full week since I set out to try to document God’s goodness to my family in this final month before we move to Crozet, Virginia to plant Life Journey Church with my good friend and mentor Walt Davis. I say “try” to document because I simply lack the time to write down every way that God has been far kinder to me than I deserve. It still amazes me that even beyond saving me, God is actively engaged in making me more like His Son- this itself is a gift I could never earn.

But even on top of that, God loves giving gifts to His children. I’ve seen this firsthand all week, and today was no exception. For those of you who prayed for our yard sale this morning, thank you- God blessed in an incredible way. I knew He was working when our first customers showed up even before we were expecting anyone. To be honest, I was kinda kicking myself for the lackadaisical way we went about publicizing the sale. In fact, very few people knew anything of it until I posted some details on Facebook yesterday. Nonetheless, people showed up. And showed up. And showed up. Though we still have a lot of items that we couldn’t move, we wound up bringing in far more than I thought we could have had we sold everything. I mean, we had people ringing our doorbell almost two hours after we had packed the remaining items in the garage, asking if they could have a quick look. Evidently on their way out of town they saw us out there and had no qualms asking for a quick peek when they passed back through, which turned into a quick sale.

Good friends of ours showed up to hang out and help out this morning, and they brought Sarai some breakfast while I was at prayer meeting. While this may not seem a like a big deal to some, I see it as a blessing because Sarai was way too busy this morning to fix herself something to eat. We were also blessed in that our kids got to hang out with another friend of ours this morning during the sale. This freed us up to focus on everyone who showed up.

While I was out for a bit this morning, a somewhat eccentric fella showed up who came back later to pay for some quilts and haggle over some dumbbells. When we had finished our business, the conversation turned to church planting and the upcoming move. He asked me if we accepted small donations (to which I cheerfully replied “we accept any donations!”), and upon my affirmation he pressed two fifty-dollar bills into my hand. This older man wasn’t a member of my church, but he said that he’s been a follower of Christ for some forty years now. I know that God doesn’t move all believers to support all causes, but it was humbling and awe-inspiring to see God working through this man I’d never talked to before a day of my life. What an amazing reminder that God is more than able to accomplish His will through His servants!

Among the usual requests (and thank you so much for your prayers), our immediate need for tonight and tomorrow is three-fold. I am in serious need of some rest (which I’ll commence to gettin’ here shortly, lol), but I also need to finish preparing for my services tomorrow morning and evening, which is going to require an early morning and an enjoyably tedious afternoon. Then tomorrow night I plan to stay up as long as is necessary to that I can complete our tenant’s rental lease. I really mean it when I say thank you for praying through these needs.

I hope you realize that you’re not stuck being a passive observer of the next few weeks’ events. I truly believe that everything God is doing is coming because of the prayers of God’s saints, not simply because I alone am asking. So please- take this as an opportunity to be part of what God’s doing and lift my family and I up in your prayers.

  1. Hunter says:

    The 11th Hour is never too late Because GOD’S clock is always on time

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