The Final Month: Day Two

Posted: July 3, 2012 in The Final Month

One of the things that I occasionally struggle with, especially these past couple of months, is the idea that I unconsciously try to manipulate the moving of God upon my life by earning His favor. I worry sometimes that I try to “make” God answer my prayers because I asked faithfully, or I kept up with my devos, or I even fasted for a few days. While we are to pray, and immerse ourselves in God’s Word, and fast as led by the Spirit, we should never do it as simply fulfilling our end of the bargain. One of the ways you can pray for me is that my own prayer life be God-honoring and humble. I don’t know if Satan is simply trying to derail my prayer life or if I’m truly praying with the wrong motives, but either one is no good. Pray that I can pray right.

I think that God had a lesson about prayer in mind for me this morning. My alarms were set for six so that I could have a couple hours to read, pray, and write before my bi-weekly phone conference with Walt, and they went off without a hitch. Only problem was, I shut them both off without resetting them and therefore continued to sleep until the ringing phone finally woke me a little after eight. I was somewhat mad at myself but couldn’t really do anything but take a running leap into my day which included gabbing on the phone to a couple people, doing office work, spending time with a student, playing a softball game, spending time with the family, putting the kids to bed, chatting with the wifey, grabbing a little Bible reading time, and now here I am…something after midnight and feeling as though the day screamed by way too fast, with way too little spiritual involvement on my end.

I didn’t begin the day the way I had wanted to. I didn’t have that alone time with God, that time of meditation and reflection. I slept through the chance to show God how serious I was about soaking this transition in prayer, about dwelling deeply in His Word. I was careless and lazy…and yet God showed me today that He loves me in spite of my failures, and that I can’t “earn” His kindness. He showed up today in the form of multiple blessings that I’d like to share with you. I don’t wish to publicize names in these types of instances because I don’t know who would be ok with the recognition and who wouldn’t be, so forgive the woodenness and lack of detail.

  1. Firstly, over the course of the night a friend of mine shot me a message on Facebook to let me know that he was interested in supporting me and LJC. I was able to send him some more info so that he and his wife can pray over it. We’re still at 32% but I have no doubt that God is stirring hearts.
  2. A couple friends of mine hijacked my defunct dryer and carried it to a local appliance shop where it will evidently be repaired free of charge sometime this week. This was an amazing blessing as we were anticipating going without a dryer until after the move to Virginia.
  3. Sarai and I are in need of dental work, and naturally the church plant is a long way from being able to offer health insurance, much less dental insurance. Though there is a local dentist here in Connersville who offers a 50% discount on dental work, we still lack the funds ourselves to do the work that needs to be done. For that matter, trying to squeeze in two appointments within the next month isn’t the easiest thing to do. However, a Christian we know gave us the green light to have the dental work done at his own expense, as he himself had recently come into some unexpected funds and wanted to help us out. Though Sarai and I had not been completely quite about this need, we were certainly never expecting this sort of blessing to arise! We were able to schedule appointments for both of us to have the dental work done before we leave Connersville.
  4. As our fridge is remaining here in the house as part of the rental/selling package, Sarai and I would be short one fridge if we move into the townhouse that we’re praying over. However, we’ve been offered a refrigerator to use if we do end up needing one in Virginia. This will save us a great deal of money. Well, let’s just say it will save my credit card from abuse.
  5. One of the things we need for our SBCV application for funding is a family photo. Though I have a camera and tripod, trying to take a good photo of all four of us is easier said than done. Tomorrow, though, we’re meeting up with some photographer friends who will help us to take good family photos. This saves us from a trip to the mall photographer.

I think that’s all of the readily obvious blessings that God gave today. If I think of more tomorrow, I’ll do my best to include them in tomorrow’s report.

In addition to all of yesterday’s prayer needs, here are some pressing concerns that I would love for you to pray about:

  1. Sarai and I have found a great deal on a townhome in Crozet. Though the cost of housing is incredibly high in all of Crozet, this particular home offers far more bang for the buck than any other place we’ve seen, and the location is wonderful. If we are both at peace with this home, we’ll sign the lease on Friday.
  2. I’ll be staying up tonight as long as it takes to compile and proofread through the SBCV paperwork, so that tomorrow when we have the necessary photo, we can submit our entire application. Pray that all of my references do their part in a timely fashion, and pray for our approval by the SBCV.
  3. I’m currently dialoging with someone who is interested in renting the house. Though we’d love to sell it, perhaps it’s God’s will that we rent it out first. Either way we’d not have to pay a mortgage here in Indiana while living in Virginia. Pray that God grants wisdom to all of us involved in this decision!
  4. Sarai has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. Pray for her peace and for a good report.

I have to be honest, I’m excited about waking up tomorrow and seeing what God has in store as the day unfolds. If you feel led to financially plug into the vision of Life Journey Church, feel free to e-mail me at Above all, though, please pray hard for us this month.



Soli Deo Gloria


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