The Final Month: Day Three

Posted: July 3, 2012 in The Final Month

Day three of this final month has flown by as quickly as the previous two did, and as with the past two I’ve been on the receiving end of God’s gracious blessings. It’s my prayer and humble expectation to be able to say that not only every day that God gives me on this earth, but especially over the remainder of this month in light of the coming transition into a Virginian church planter.

As I mentioned yesterday, we were indeed able to have our family pictures taken for the first time ever with Gracelyn, which in turn allowed me to submit all of my paperwork to the SBCV for approval as a church planter. After that we needed to kill some time before meeting a couple of my students for lunch, so we decided to take the kids to the local library for a bit. As it would so happen, the library was tired of having its “unsellable” books sitting on the tables inside the entrance, so one of the librarians encouraged me to take as many books with me as I would like to- free of charge. Now you don’t have to know me long to know I’m a bibliophile, so I didn’t hesitate to look through the hundreds of remaining books. I was able to find four that I am more than happy to add to my collection, including a pristine copy of James P. Boyce’s Abstract of Systematic Theology, a book that retails for $25 on Amazon. Score!

Sarai got some awesomely good news from the doctor. I can’t go into the details, but the blessings here went beyond simply receiving a good report. To top it off, her visit resulted in gaining another potential house renter/buyer! After that, we were blessed in getting a babysitter to watch the kids during our yard sale on Saturday. And then lastly, but certainly not least, we found out today that we’re definitely able to rent out the local high school in Crozet, which will go a long way to establishing Life Journey Church in Crozet. Grand opening is September 9th– please pray that even now God will stir hearts and change lives.

In addition to the already-mentioned needs that you can find here, please be in prayer over these particularly urgent or new needs:

  1. I know of at least two pastors who tomorrow are meeting with the appropriate committees of their churches to determine whether or not they will financially support my family and me. While of course I’m praying for a “yes,” ultimately I’m praying for God’s will to be made clear to all of us.
  2. We’re having a potential renter visit our house tomorrow to put their eyes on the property. While I’d prefer to sell the place, having a renter still meets our needs and would be an amazing answer to our prayers! Pray that Sarai and I can get the house and yard ready in time.
  3. Continue to pray for our peace in making a final decision on the townhome in Virginia that we have our eyes on.
  4. I know this is random, but please pray that Uriah will be motivated to use the potty instead of his diapers, and that Gracelyn will become fonder of baby food. Diapers and formula are worth their weight in gold.


Thanks for the read and the prayers!



Soli Deo Gloria



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