The Final Month- A Quick Clarification…

Posted: July 2, 2012 in The Final Month

It’s no secret that as a church planter I’m actively trying to raise financial support. After all, the ability to focus my time and energy into a church plant without working an additional 40+ hours a week at another job requires that there be enough churches, businesses, and individuals financially supporting me until the plant is stable enough to assume sole support. I’ll just go ahead and throw that onto the table.

But…those of you that know me well know that I tend to have a quirky and often sarcastic sense of humor. As a result, there is sometimes a disconnect between the message I am attempting to send and the one that is actually received. As one friend of mine puts it, “there are two meanings to what I say- if you get offended, I meant it the other way!”

I fear that I may have started off this little project with the wrong message, as could be perceived from this statement that I made:

“One month in which God will either work in an obviously supernatural way in my life, or I will fabulously crash and burn.”

Let me begin to clean that comment up with this statement: my support level could remain the same, and my house could never sell, but God will never allow one of His children to “crash and burn.” Never. God is always working in supernatural ways. Please do not for a minute feel as though this blog is a plea for funding (though I suppose it is), so that if you don’t give,you’llbe responsible for the coming abysmal failure. Don’t feel that way, because  no such failure can ever come.

I used the phrase “crash and burn” tongue-in-cheek, in that this would be the perceptible outcome from those looking on from the outside. On the surface, if the support level isn’t attained, some people would be able to look on as they see a somewhat successful student pastor resign from his church in hopes of planting a church, only to have to find a “real” job in addition to the church work. From a secular viewpoint, this would be career suicide and quite stupid.

So the idea of crashing and burning isn’t from my own perspective, but rather of someone not understanding what it means to live by faith. I have far too high a view of God’s sovereignty to ever believe that His plans for my life will result in “failure.” It could be His plan is for me to reach 100% (and I believe it is), it could just as easily be His plan that I find another job for supplemental income (which I would gladly do). I don’t know what the result is- I’m more concerned that I be obedient to His leading and trust that the outcome will be for my best, and for His maximal glorification. After all, it’s about Him…not me.

Do I believe that God is going to provide our needs? Absolutely. Do I believe that He will work through churches and individuals? Absolutely. Do I believe that God’s plan can be ruined by our lack of participation? No- He is sovereign.

So while I welcome any and all support, please do not feel that if you don’t help, Life Journey Church or I will fail. There is zero pressure here, only the opportunity to invest in what God is doing through LJC. Most of all, I will continue to ask you to pray for LJC and the leadership team.

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