The Final Month: Day One

Posted: July 1, 2012 in The Final Month

During church service this morning Sarai asked me if we had the money to invite a couple in our church to lunch after the service. I hesitated in saying yes, but only briefly. It was more out of momentary selfishness than a true lack of funds. I have been extremely blessed over the last three years to have a well-paying job. I mean, I can’t buy another vehicle or anything, and I can’t afford to continue my education…but at the same time I’m not in trouble when the bills are due, and Sarai has been able to focus on raising our two kids rather than also working to help ends meet. So whenever the opportunity to treat friends or family to a meal arises, we generally take the opportunity to treat ‘em, even while knowing that my income is extremely uncertain after this month.

Oddly enough, though, the tentative plans never came to pass this morning and instead my family was treated to a lunch nicer than what we’re typically used to by a different family in the church. Now I’m no health, wealth, and prosperity guy, but at the same time I have noticed over the years that when I’m generous with what God has blessed me with, I see more blessings from God over my own life. I have to wonder if my lunch would have been paid for had I not been willing to do the same.

So having said all that, I’m happy to share that the first overt blessing of the month was being treated to lunch at El Caballo Blanco! I also had a member of the church reconfirm their commitment to sending monthly financial support my way, which is always a humbling blessing. And then arriving home tonight, we noticed that someone (we’re assuming the neighbor) was nice enough to cut alongside the road in front of our house, lopping over some ridiculously ugly weeds that had sprung up over the week while we were at camp. Also a neat little blessing.

Here are some of the immediate concerns and prayer requests that I have, if you’d like to join me in praying for them:

  1. Selling the house, or going the rental route if need be.
  2. Continuing to raise financial support. As of right now we’re still at 32%. I’m currently dialoguing with several churches, but I believe that the bulk of our support may end up coming from individuals and families who feel led to invest in the work God is doing in Crozet.
  3. Completing and submitting my application to the SBCV to receive funding as a church planter. With this comes reference work that will need to be completed in a timely manner.
  4. Receiving approval and subsequent funding as a planter intern through the North American Mission Board.
  5. We’re going to try to have a yard sale this Saturday, and not only are we looking to make a few bucks to help with the move, but we’re also in dire need of de-cluttering. Pray that we can sell a bunch of items we no longer need.
  6. Time management is going to become a pressing issue. If the next 30 days are anything like today, we’ll be loading a truck before we know it. There’s a lot to get done before this happens.
  7. As the stress builds and nights get shorter, it will become too easy to not love my wife and family the way they need me to. Pray that I not neglect them for the “sake of the kingdom.”
  8.  Please pray for my students and church family- this will be a hard transition for many of them.
  9. There have been some miscellaneous expenses incurred over the last week or so. Sarai’s car battery died, as did our desktop computer monitor, dryer, and outdoor table. We were able to replace the monitor and battery, but the dryer will have to wait. As we’re moving, there is no pressing need to replace/fix the table, but it still stinks that we no longer have use of it. Having said this, there was an escrow overpayment check for $85 waiting in my mailbox when I returned from camp. This unexpected blessing will help cover the cost of the battery and monitor.

And so that’s day one of this final month. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m excited to see what day two brings!



Soli Deo Gloria





  1. Doug Keller says:

    Love ya bro. God is going to do a great work through you and Sarai and the team in Crozet. God will provide your needs.

  2. […] addition to all of yesterday’s prayer needs, here are some pressing concerns that I would love for you to pray […]

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