Prelude to the Final Month

Posted: June 30, 2012 in The Final Month

Ninety minutes from the time my fingers tap out these very letters, it will officially be July 1st– a date not only significant in that it begins the last half of this year, but it’s also my final month as the student pastor of an amazing group of students at Connersville Baptist Temple. Not a huge deal, typically. Transition within ministry is a fairly common occurrence. But I suppose I could argue that this isn’t a typical transition. I mean, I’m not getting fired or anything. I just have no clue what I’m transitioning to or what it will look like getting there. Perhaps a very quick recap is necessary.

By July of last year I knew that God was tugging at my heart to leave my position at CBT, but it was another six months before I actually submitted my resume anywhere. I struggled for some time over what type of position God was calling me to, whether it was to another youth ministry, a senior pastorate, etc. Long story made even shorter, I’ve “found my calling” to be a church planter. More specifically, I’ve come to find that God’s will for my life is to partner with a friend of mine named Walt in the planting of Life Journey Church in Crozet, Virginia. Having announced my resignation to my church earlier this month, I have the entirety of July to wrap things up before beginning life as a church planter.

One month.

One month in which God will either work in an obviously supernatural way in my life, or I will fabulously crash and burn.

See, here’s the catch: I still have a house to sell here in Indiana, and I’ve currently raised only 32% of the support necessary to let me focus on planting/pastoring LJC.

And so that’s going to be the focus on this next month of blogging. My goal is to be transparent (for good or for bad) and open as this next month unfolds. I’d like to think that a glimpse into my head for the next 31 days will be beneficial to other church planters seeking to step out in faith, or really anyone actively following God’s will for their lives.

Reminiscent of George Muller’s prayer journal, my own prayer is that God will be glorified and proven faithful in the lives of His children as I chronicle this event. There is a sinfully selfish part of me that is of course hoping that this next month will show a sold house and a support level of 100% raised, but ultimately I just want people to be able to follow me in this journey and leave thinking to themselves, “Wow, God is amazing.”

Because He is. And He’s worth pursuing- even if that means financial hardship. Even if that means walking in the dark to chase after Him. And so even if this change in my life means working two jobs to support my family, that’s ok. But it may not come to that. We’ll see.

I beg of you to pray for me and my family during this month. If you feel led to financially support our venture, don’t hesitate to call or write.


Soli Deo Gloria

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