Ephesians Two: Still Not About Us

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Ephesians

Chapter two of this awesome book finds Paul showcasing the greatness and graciousness of God in the salvation of sinful people. Ever wondered why God saves people? You could say “because we accepted Jesus,” but then you’d have to ask yourself why He sent Jesus in the first place. You could say “because He loves us,” but then you’d have to address the disconnect between God’s universal love and non-Universalism by going into the controversial distinction between God’s universal love versus His electing love…deep theology indeed.

The question remains…what prompted God to save anyone at all in the first place, since He would have been perfectly just, holy, and loving to condemn us all to our rightful punishment in Hell for our rebellion against Him?

Paul answers this question in verse seven: “…that in the ages to come He might show the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.”

Wait- what?

God saved you so that for all eternity He can demonstrate His unfathomable kindness toward you, so that He can heap unimaginable riches upon you forever…because He wants to demonstrate His own grace??


Here’s the kicker, though. God isn’t going to do this because we deserve it. None of us did. We all rebelled against God, we are all sinners worthy of condemnation. God isn’t going to spend eternity benefiting us because we had faith in His Son, because even faith is a gift given by God (see verse eight!). Nope, God is going to do this for us so that He can display for all creation just how gracious and loving a God He is.

What blows my mind is this: God’s salvation of sinners is grounded in His love for us, but His love for us flows from His desire to share Himself with the universe, which is indeed the highest form of love He can show, but at the same time a God as great as He is deserves to showcase His every attribute, one of which is grace. Whew! Say that three times fast!

It was never about us. It was always about God showing just how great He is in the gracious redemption of rebellious sinners. Let’s remember to keep the focus on Him- not us.



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