Galatians 4. Get it Right!

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Galatians

I can’t remember the context of the comment now, but a few days ago I had the occasion to hear about man who would have been happy to simply “make it into heaven” as a janitor. To him, entry at all would be welcome, regardless of the station he entered with. Pretty noble, right? I don’t need a huge mansion- just a little shack a few miles away from where Jesus stays. If God will let me in, I’m content not to bother Him for all eternity.


Not quite.


My response to this was simply, “He doesn’t understand the fullness of grace.”


This is what I mean. This fella was thinking that if God would simply forgive his sins and allow him into heaven in the most lowly of positions, then he would be content. But how does Paul describe us in Galatians four? As children of God. Heirs of the promises. God doesn’t see us as servants, beggars, or unwelcome intruders. He sees us as His children. He’s not going to let us into Heaven and ignore us for eternity. He’s going to welcome us with open arms and embrace us as His sons and daughters. For eternity.


How’s that for an awesome thought?

  1. Michael Tackaberry says:

    Very interesting ,I always thought just to enter Heaven would be all i would need.But a true relationship with Jesus is what the heart needs

    • Here’s the thing, though…without the presence of God, Heaven is really meaningless. Sure, the environment is pretty, but eternal life was never about Heaven. It’s about being with God, and more specifically it’s about knowing the One who lived, died, and rose for us- Jesus.

      “And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”
      -John 17:3

      Thanks for the feedback!

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