Luke 24. Selective Grace.

Posted: December 1, 2011 in Luke

This chapter, detailing the resurrection of Jesus and His appearance to some disciples, contains within further proof that God can and will reveal Himself to whom He wills, how He wills, when He wills.

Remember in the previous chapter the two thieves who were crucified with Jesus? They both at first mocked Jesus, yet before he died one of the thieves finally saw Jesus as the Savior that He is. What changed within him?

I think the answer to that is here in chapter 24 as we see Jesus supernaturally prevents Himself from being recognized. Then, on His own terms and time, He reveals Himself. Now, Jesus doesn’t have to actively blind men’s eyes to His identity now, because our own inherent depravity does this for us. But as Jesus said in Matthew 11, no one knows the Father except those shown by Jesus, and in John 6 we see that no one comes to Jesus unless drawn by the Father.

It all comes back to unmerited, unconditioned grace given by the Father to whomever He wills. But…if it were merited, if it was conditioned, it wouldn’t be grace, now would it?


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