Luke 14. Wait, what?

Posted: November 10, 2011 in Luke

Sometimes I’m quite convinced that Jesus wouldn’t have scored very high in His persuasive speech class. When we think of character’s like Russel Crowe’s in “Gladiator,” or William Wallace from “BraveHeart,” we think of powerful men who use words of wisdom to inspire their fellow men to follow them, even to the death.

Not Jesus, though.

Here’s His advice: “Hate yourself if you want to follow me. Yep, hate your mom, dad, wifey, kids- everyone. Hate them all and give yourself to me. In fact, carry around a cross to die on, you wanna be one of my guys. Seriously! Think about what you’re getting involved in. This is crazy! I don’t know if you can handle it. But, if you really want to…rid yourself of everything that you own, that you dream of, that you long for, that you’re working for…and embrace me instead of THAT!

No…not the speech that would draw millions.

But it drew me.

What about you?


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