Luke Two: A Cryin’ Shame

Posted: October 26, 2011 in Luke

In Luke two, we see a brief encounter between Jesus and some of the Jewish teachers (Rabbis) in the temple. At this point, Jesus is twelve. And he’s confounding the heck out of these guys, many of whom were 5 or 6 times older than this boy who was discussing theology with them. The neat part is, Jesus was blowing their minds. What’s that tell you?

It tells me that even at twelve years of age, Jesus was ready and able to begin blowing away the misconceptions held by these religious leaders concerning their understanding of the Old Testament- the very Book that existed to point towards Jesus and salvation. This in turns leads me to wonder…how did these men react twenty years later to the life, death, and resurrection of this odd one from Nazareth? Did it all begin to click for them, the things He had spoken of? Or had the light dawned on them in that first encounter, so that as the Gospel unfolded they were experiencing the fulfillment of the Old Testament? Or did they retain ignorant unbelief both upon their first meeting, as well as after the event of the Passion Week?

Not really going anywhere with this post- just letting the mind wander. Would be a shame for these men to have been encountered by the Messiah and still perish in stubborn unbelief. How much more so in today’s day and age where information about Jesus is available everywhere you turn?


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