2 Timothy Three: Why Read the Bible?

Posted: October 8, 2011 in 2 Timothy

            In the course of warning Timothy about the coming persecution as a follower of Jesus, in addition to warning of the godlessness of some of the people who profess to be saved but are not, we see that Paul explains to Timothy why it’s so important for a believer to be reading the Bible. Oftentimes as teens it’s hard to understand the relevancy of a 2,000 year old book, but Paul speaks a truth that transcends time as he describes the Bible. Here are the four reasons you should read the Bible:

            1. It is good for teaching you the Truth. As your mind brings in the reality brought forth by God’s Word, it will color the way you perceive anything else. While not all truth is contained in Scripture, all of Scripture is true and thus of invaluable importance.

            2. God’s Word will let know you where you’re screwing up. Our goal as followers of Christ is to look more like Him, and when we err in our actions, thoughts, and attitudes, the Bible will call us out in these areas.

            3. Beyond that, God’s Word shares with us how to get back on track after said rebuke over faulty actions.

            4. Lastly, following the teachings of the Bible will guarantee a life more like Jesus’. You cannot hope to live a better life without basing it upon Biblical precepts.

            So…there’s four great reasons for reading the Word. You got four great reasons why not to?


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