Mark Fourteen: Betrayal

Posted: September 25, 2011 in Mark

This lengthy chapter of Mark’s gospel contains the painful betrayal of Peter- Mr. I’d Die For You Before I Ever Left You.

In reading this chapter, particularly this aspect of it, I’m confronted by many emotions. There’s anger over the cowardice of Peter. Sadness over Jesus’s closest friends bailing on him. Gratitude that Jesus was willing to still work with Peter in spite of his failure…incredulity over the fact that even after walking with him for three years, Peter had the gall to be so faithless with his Lord.

But…we’re no different, are we? My pastor preached a great sermon this morning on trusting God with the small things, and the reality of it is this: our refusal to be obedient to God is no less a betrayal to God than Peter’s was. When we sin, we’re betraying God and telling Him that our way is better than His. I’m so grateful that God is still as patient, graceful, and merciful with us as He was with Peter.

  1. And Jesus knew before Peter ever failed him that he would do so and loved him anyway. We can’t even begin to comprehend what true love is all about. Our love is so infantile compared to the love of God.

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