GG&E Session Five: The Necessity of Evangelism

Posted: August 10, 2011 in Theologababble

Necessity of Evangelism

God’s election is all of sovereign grace, why should I bother witnessing to my
friends?”  There is a logical validity to
this question. After all, if God is indeed more powerful than I am, then it
would stand to reason that my inaction will not foil God’s ultimate plans to
save someone. If God elected to save Joe back in eternity, then it will come to
pass whether I do anything or not. Right?


  1. One solid reason for evangelism is
    because that is what Jesus commands of His followers.

    1. “And he said to them, ‘Go into all the
      world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.’” – Mark 16:15


b.    While it is true that God commands our
obedience to Him, we ought not view evangelism as a task to be dutifully
carried out, much like cleaning our rooms or taking out the trash. Here are
several practical reasons for why we should share our faith with our friends.

2. The reality has not changed
that salvation cannot occur in a vacuum. People will not call upon a God they
do not believe in, and they will not believe in a God who they have no
knowledge of. Therefore, evangelism is vital as it provides the opportunity for
your friend to either believe the gospel and be saved, or to reject it and
continue in their disbelief.

3. Evangelism gives us the
opportunity to see God at work in the conversion of a sinner. Since we have no
idea who God’s elect are, we should strive in every Gospel presentation to be
clear in our teaching and authoritative in our echo of Jesus’ command to
“repent and believe the Gospel.” It’s not a game of “duck-duck-damned” we are
playing. We are begging for our friends to quit their rebellion and come to

4. We need to evangelize our
friends because the Gospel invitation is a true offer. While it is true that
Jesus’ death covers only the sins of those who come to the Cross, the
invitation to come is worldwide and the efficiency of the Cross is also

5. Evangelism is awesome
because it works, and we know it works because evangelism is the means by which
God has chosen to gather His elect. It’s not about whether or not we can “do it
right” and get people saved, but it’s about being the messengers and watching
God work through the message (and, indirectly, us…which is awesome when you
think about it). Since God tells us that He has redeemed for Himself persons
from every “tribe, tongue, people, and nation,” we can, and should, excitedly
share the Good News with everyone.

6. We should evangelize
because God, in eternity past, may have chosen to glorify Himself in the
salvation of those we work with. However, we also need to realize that our
efforts are a work of God in the first place, which may actually indicate that
the harder we work, the more successful we will be…which is one crazy circle
that blows mental fuses!

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