1 Peter Five: How to Have a Perfect Church

Posted: August 10, 2011 in 1 Peter

            In the closing chapter of 1 Peter, we see simple instructions from Peter concerning the relationship between an elder and a church member. An elder himself, Peter is specifically instructing the elders within the church to exercise oversight over the other believers in their churches- not compulsively, but willingly. It should be a burden on their hearts, constantly. Not as a compulsive thing, but more of a personality thing. He says they should provide this oversight (not to be confused with dictatorship) eagerly, but not simply for shameful gain, such as financial compensation or the accolades of men. Lastly, he warns the elders to not be domineering over those in their congregation, but to rather lead by example. Peter is describing the kind of man I wish I was more of- a caring, loving, example-setting, people nourishing, minister to people.

            One need not spend much time around me to see how sorely lacking I am in these areas, and for that I apologize. While I recognize this calling on my life, I can also see that I’m nowhere near the elder I should be. Thankfully, God is giving me more grace everyday- be patient with me, lol. Continuing his instructions, Peter encourages the members of the congregation to follow the example set by the elders- something else easier said than done, ha!

            So the secret to a perfect local church is simple. Ensure that your elder(s) is setting a godly and loving example, and then do what he/they say/do. Too easy, right? 🙂

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